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The scholars in our program are all dedicated students on the right path to high standards of character, community service and leadership. Our task is to help keep them on the right path. We do so by providing guidance, opportunity, resources, knowledge and motivation. Summer camp is a big part of the help we provide. As we are sure you understand, the environments in which these young men live are not the most supportive, to put it mildly. Indeed, most of them are surrounded by varying degrees of poverty, drugs, gangs and peers heading in the wrong direction. The entire summer is a long time to be continuously subjected to this environment. Our scholars are good kids… but they are still kids subject to influences around them. Taking them out of these negative conditions for a time, even if it is just a week or two, makes a huge difference and entirely changes their summer experience. They get to see and experience a world that is far different than the one they see in their neighborhoods day after day. It is motivational and even inspirational for them to meet and interact with boys from different backgrounds with much different perspectives on life and the world. Even though it is only for a short time, the summer camp experience serves as an eye opener that their lives can be far better than what they see around them in their neighborhoods. Please help if you can. We have a dozen boys who would benefit immeasurably by going to summer camp. We have arrangements with summer camps to give our scholars generous discounts but we still need to raise $14,400. Your donation can be the difference between a young man staying on the right path or succumbing to the pressures and influences of his environment. Please consider giving only what you can, small amount add up and before you know it, we have reached our goal.

Summer Camp

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Our summer camp experience offers our students the opportunity to learn while enjoying themselves. While attending camp, our scholars learn further develop their leadership skills, healthy lifestyles, and important life skills. Camp participants also get to escape urban settings to experience an environment where they can develop sportsmanship, interpersonal communication skills, personal responsibility, and self-esteem.

Arete’ Leaders Program100_0746

We created the Arete’ Leaders Program to develop future leaders. Through quarterly interactive sessions, we expose our scholars to learning experiences that are designed to bring out their natural leadership abilities. The goal of the program is to train our scholars to think creatively and act collaboratively to have a positive impact within their school, family, and community.

MentoringFD Chi. June 2013

In our Mentoring Program, we match students with a caring and supportive adult mentor and role model. These committed volunteers provide guidance, understanding, and tutoring to help their mentees master difficult subjects. By participating in our Mentoring Program, students also learn how to balance school work, extracurricular activities, and college preparation.

Academic Scholarships

slide-21The opportunity to attend the best schools is a gift that changes lives forever. Unfortunately, too many academically motivated scholars don’t have the financial resources to receive a top-quality education. By using a competitive selection process, we award academic scholarships so that deserving students are able to attend some of the best private secondary and parochial schools throughout the state of New Jersey. Your generous donations are what keeps our programs operating. You can sponsor a student to go on to secondary school or to go to summer camp. Make a selection and create an impact. Thanks to you, we are creating tomorrow’s leaders.


Thank You For Helping Us To Make A Difference
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Collectively we can stop the senseless violence, by each taking a child, in addition to our own, and showing them love, positive attention and kindness.

We recognize the need to take action, to develop young leaders who demonstrate 40041_10150246975840142_615770141_14222885_101802_n.jpgcompassion.  To be a part of an organization that takes action against the growing trend of senseless violence, join us by volunteering or making a donation or supporting our annual fundraisers. Take a stand for children and a better society.

sports-camps-06 Our children are the future and now is the time to invest in who they will become, as one nation, together we stand and divided we fall. 0_basketballcamp012 Giving children the opportunity to learn together, to grow together and to solve problems together. Childhood is a joyous time to enrich ones understanding of the world in a safe and fun environment. Buy On Amazon