Here’s How You Can Help

Regardless of your age, experience, or availability, there are many ways that you can make a difference in the lives of our youth.


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Become a Mentor


Mentors have the power to change lives. Because the students we serve don’t always have supportive role models in their lives, we always have mentor opportunities available.

We invite you to join our team of mentors and offer whatever time and energy you can give.


Become a Volunteer


You can make a huge impact on the life of a young student by volunteering just 5 to 10 hours a month.

Based on your skill set, resources, and time availability, we will assign you to one of our many programs.

Change a life. Volunteer today.

Partner With Us

  • Excellent Education For All
  • A Society Focused on Caring For Its Children
  • Improving Our Communities – Stop the Violence
  • Compassion For Children
  • What You Own Has Limited Value, How You Care Determines Your Success
  • Senseless Violence – Not On Our Watch



Did You Know?

Facts Surrounding Education
  • More than 45% of urban seniors don’t graduate from high school.
  • Prisons cost tax payers $32 billion per year.
  • Everyday in U.S. 200 new jails are constructed.
  • Most inmates can barely read.
  • Spending on prisons rose 570% in 20 years while spending on education rose only 33%.
  • The U.S. used to rank #1 in the world in college graduates. We now rank 13th.