FD Omar and students 6.2013

There are few opportunities in the lives of young men for them to receive the attention and encouragement they need to navigate the many challenges in their lives.

That’s why Platinum Minds pairs young men with committed mentors. These mentors dedicate their time and energy to modeling positive behavior while providing life-changing support and guidance.





The Connection

mentor 2

The young men pictured above are excellent students. They are motivated to learn, grow, and reach the goals they have set for themselves.

With the direction and encouragement our programs provide, they are on their way towards making a positive impact in their communities. We are extremely proud of each of them.


The Goal

mentor 3

Six authors from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst identified the core issue our programs address when they wrote, “Too many of our urban students experience a lack of motivation and hopelessness as a result of their experiences in school.”

Although these scholars reached this conclusion back in the 70s, unfortunately, it still holds true today.