Our Programs



Arete’ Leaders Program

The Arete’ Leaders Program develops future leaders. This program develops self-confidence, leadership skills and career awareness, to best equip the students in making a difference in their schools, their communities, and their future. Activities and workshops are designed to help students think outside their norm, foster innovative ideas, and develop strong interpersonal skills, so that they can be effective in building connections to school, family, and the community.


Community Initiatives

Our scholars give back to their communities The “Connect to Your Community” program allows our scholars to engage in round table discussion with students from suburban communities. Students learn how similar they are, how together they can accomplish more as they celebrate the uniqueness of each other’s opinions and approaches to problems, and how solutions to problems are more likely to be effective when varying ideas, opinion and resolutions are allowed to be of influence in process..

FD. morristown group

Frederick Douglass Reading Program

Our younger students learn to enjoy reading Platinum Minds student scholars help act as mentors, and work one-on-one with the younger boys in this program on improving reading enjoyment skills.


Team Work

It takes a team of people working together to affect change. Our team of volunteers, scholars, mentors and sponsors make our programs possible. It truly takes a village.


Early Learning

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.


Excellent Education

Excellent education is a an essential requirement. The fundamental need and desire of a human being is to have the ability to properly communicate, express ones ideas, to be useful and productive, and to have the knowledge to be a good decision maker. Without an excellent education, these basic needs can’t be realized.


Top Young Leaders Summer Program

Our camp offers educational and stimulating activities. Every summer, we work to find funding to place our scholars in interesting programs in which they can explore new activities, experience the out-of-doors, and have fun! Specialty summer camp programs in such disciplines as science and mathematics have been offered to our scholars wishing to learn in these fields. Many of these camps incorporate academics, leadership development, health, and life skills.



We have a wide range of resources available. In addition to the obvious resources, such as libraries and the internet, our volunteers, mentors and career speakers serve as invaluable resources for our scholars.