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Arête Leaders Initiative

The Arête Leaders Program develops future leaders. Arete’ is a Greek word that translates into “being the best leader you can be.” This program develops self-confidence, leadership skills and career awareness, to best equip the students to make a difference in their schools, their communities, and their future. There are two components to the Arete Initiative, The Frederick Douglass Reading and Bridges Components.

Frederick Douglass Reading Program

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Frederick Douglass Reading Program, our older scholars work one-on-one with small groups of younger boys in grades 1 through 5 in 2-hour sessions for 12 weeks. The younger boys learn to enjoy reading while the older scholars serve as peer mentors.


Building Bridges…Teens

Delbarton bridges program 2015
Our scholars understand the importance of giving back to their communities. The Building Bridges, Teen Connect program allows our scholars to engage in round-table discussion with students from suburban communities. In this program, students learn how similar they are and how together they can accomplish more as they celebrate the uniqueness of each others opinions and approaches to problems. Students also learn how solutions to problems are more likely to be effective when varying ideas, opinions, and resolutions are allowed to influence the process.


100_0394We created our mentoring program because young men need and desire the attention and encouragement of those who have traveled a similar path. Our scholars come from wonderful families, however, many young men don’t have the male role model who can consistently be instrumental in assisting them with decision making as it relates to academics, college preparation and career readiness, as a part of their life skills development. Research shows that mentoring relationships lead to positive academic outcomes, the prevention of youth risk behaviors, and enhanced social and mental development. The mentors in our program provide valuable guidance that helps our scholars develop their academic skills while providing the support they need to make better life choices. Our mentors change lives.

Academic Scholarships100_1052

As the cost of education continues to rise, far too many bright and ambitious students are losing access to high-quality education. When these students don’t receive the educational training and exposure to new ideas they desire, it’s not uncommon to give up on your dreams. Our scholarship program provides deserving students an opportunity to attend top-tier, private secondary and parochial schools through a competitive selection process. The scholars who receive a scholarship are placed in exceptional education institutions throughout New Jersey.

Summer Camp

IMG_1330_zps9242dcad Each summer we offer our scholars activities that are both educational and stimulating. With the help of our generous financial supporters, we place our scholars in interesting programs in which they can explore new activities, experience the out-of-doors, and have fun! Scholars can participate in specialty summer camp programs that focus on a variety of subjects, including science and mathematics. In addition to stressing the importance of academics, scholars are given the support to develop their leadership, nutrition, exercise, and life skills. Participants also receive instruction in a variety of sports, not traditionally offered in urban settings. They learn about the rules of the game, etiquette, sportsmanship, positive attitudes, fair play, self-esteem, taking responsibility for choices, and management of emotions. These life skills are integrated throughout the summer program, and instructors routinely demonstrate how they apply to real-world situations. For many, this is a rare opportunity to be carefree, without the looming threat of danger. Campers learn to communicate and get along with people from all over the world.

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