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( A Great Leader)
On August 28, 1963
Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech to a peaceful crowd of 250,000 people. Within the next two year, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. This was a demonstration of great leadership, and I say to
you scholars, I have a dream. I have a dream, “that one day you will make an impact in the way children are cared for, in how they learn,
and in the availability of resources and programs; that you will use your talents, intellect, resources and knowledge to ensure that all children are able to read, that they have services available that ensures their proper growth and intellectual development, and that they have access to and assistance with fulfilling their full potential; that every child knows from a young age that they are
loved by God and that they have talents and gifts given by God to be used to make our world a better place”.

This is our dream for our scholars.

School’s in session and our scholars
are ready for the challenge. The challenge to
be excellent, to be a positive role model and to
take the lead when needed. Platinum Minds scholars
have the intelligence, the ability, and the desire to
make their schools and communities a better place.

                      PLATINUM MINDS ANNUAL FUNDRAISER April 20, 2014

CALENDAR OF EVENTS  2014 – 2015 Academic year
Arete Sessions:
Time: 9:30 – 12:30pm
Every other Sat.
Starting Sept. 27, 2014 – June 13, 2015
Reading Program March 28th -12:30-2:30pm
Arête: 9:30 – 12pm

Asbury Park
Time: 9:45-12:00 2pm
Every 2nd Sat. & 4th
Starting Sept. 27,2014 – June 13, 2015
Reading Program March 14th 12:30-2:30pm
Arête Program 9:45-12pm

Time: 9:45-12:00pm
Every 2nd & 4th Sat.
Starting Sept. 27,2014 – June 13, 2015
Reading Program March 21st. 9:30-12:30
Arête Program 12:30 -2:30pm

New York Colleges
Date: Nov. 2014
RSVP required

New Jersey Colleges
March/April 2015
RSVP required

February 2015
May 2015
RSVP – Ambassador status required

April 20, 2015
Frederick Douglass Reading Program
March 2015

Thank you and God Bless,
The Platinum Minds Team


Source:  Forbes Magazine
According to Forbes Magazine
“In addition to higher pay levels and solid growth rates, what many of these jobs have in common is a talent shortage,” Ferguson says. “Recruitment has become very competitive for STEM-related occupations (science, technology, engineering and math) and other specialized areas. Extended job vacancies have caused one in four companies to lose revenue, so the skills gap is a very real concern.”

He says the upside to the report is that more high-paying jobs will be created in 2014 that will also fuel the creation of lower-paying jobs. “Jobs will be growing across industries, company sizes and geographies.”

The downside is that many of these high-wage, in-demand positions are areas where companies are already experiencing a shortage of qualified labor, Ferguson says.

“Forty-five percent of Human Resource managers reported that they have open positions for which they can’t find qualified candidates,” he adds.
He concludes: “The private and public sectors need to work together to identify in-demand skills and prepare workers for them. This goes beyond new college graduates. We need to re-skill workers who have been in the workforce for 15 or 20 years and there currently aren’t enough programs in place to do this.”

Here are the 12 occupations requiring at least a bachelor’s degree that have grown 7% or more between 2010 and 2013; are projected to increase in 2014; and fall within a higher-wage category of $22 per hour or more:

1. Software Developers (Applications and Systems Software)
Total employment in 2013: 1,042,402 jobs
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 104,348 (up 11%)
Median hourly earnings: $45.06

2. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
Total employment in 2013: 438,095 jobs
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 54,979 (up 14%)
Median hourly earnings: $29.10

3. Training and Development Specialists
Total employment in 2013: 231,898 jobs
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 18,042 (up 8%)
Median hourly earnings: $27.14

4. Financial Analysts
Total employment in 2013: 257,159 jobs
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 17,060 (up 7%)
Median hourly earnings: $37.34

5. Physical Therapists
Total employment in 2013: 207,132 jobs
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 14,011 (up 7%)
Median hourly earnings: $37.93

6. Web Developers
Total employment in 2013: 136,921 jobs
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 13,364 (up 11%)
Median hourly earnings: $27.84

7. Logisticians
Total employment in 2013: 127,892 jobs
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 11,897 (up 10%)
Median hourly earnings: $35.08

8. Database Administrators
Total employment in 2013: 119,676 jobs
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 11,241 (up 10%)
Median hourly earnings: $37.39

9. Meeting, Convention and Event Planners
Total employment in 2013: 87,082 jobs
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 10,867 (up 14%)
Median hourly earnings: $22.56

10. Interpreters and Translators
Total employment in 2013: 69,887
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 8,377 (up 14%)
Median hourly earnings: $22.39

11. Petroleum Engineers
Total employment in 2013: 40,733
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 7,158 (up 21%)
Median hourly earnings: $63.67

12. Information Security Analysts
Total employment in 2013: 75,995
Jobs added between 2010 and 2013: 5,671 (up 8%)
Median hourly earnings: $41.62


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