About Us


Our Mission

We build leaders

Platinum Minds is a Leadership Development organization with the mission to collaborate with other community organizations to assist academically motivated boys from environmentally challenged neighborhoods with achieving their full academic potential and becoming leaders in their communities.

Our Vision

Community Minded Leaders

Our vision is to have more educated leaders from our urban cities, to see these boys completing high school, graduating college, and becoming decision makers who can positively change the world.

Our Team

Our Advisory Council

Joel Bickell; David Donovan;  Khan Miftah, Dennis Morrison; Paul Ramseur

Our Advisory Board

Joel Bickell; Marilyn Carnecelli; Bernard Davidson; Tim Duffy;  Rik Dugan; Karen Kerby; Eugene J. Long; Brandon Moore;  Josh Morgan; Eva Outhwaite; William Renzetti; Chi Rockoff; Anne St. Clair


Thank You For Helping Us To Make A Difference
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Our Executive Director
 yvette4_09(rev 0)_edited-1
Since 2007

Platinum Minds was founded by Yvette Long, a mother of two elementary school aged girls after reading a local newspaper article in 2006, which described dangerous neighborhoods where young boys faced daily intimidation and enormous pressure to join street gangs – an environment where promising young students could be killed as they walked to school or played in the local park.

She recently authored her first book on Teen Development for young men. She is giving a percentage of the proceeds to Platinum Minds. The book is available on Amazon and Kindle.

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Core Values

  • • Leadership
  • • Integrity
  • • Self-Discipline
  • • Excellence
  • • Community Service