Our History

yvette long

Since 2007

Platinum Minds was founded by Yvette Long, a mother of two elementary school aged girls after reading a local newspaper article in 2006, which described dangerous neighborhoods where young boys faced daily intimidation and enormous pressure to join street gangs – an environment where promising young students could be killed as they walked to school or played in the local park.

Appalled, saddened, and dismayed, Mrs. Long decided to talk with her friends, and parents of her children’s friends, to see how a combined effort could address this problem. “There must be something that we can do; even if we only make a difference in the life of one young boy, that would be extraordinary,” thought Mrs. Long. “We are losing future leaders, scientists, musicians, athletes, and we need these children to build a stronger and more productive nation.” As she formulated and refined her ideas, she realized that with the help of enough good people, much could be done.

Platinum Minds was founded on shared beliefs in human generosity, community service, and the desire of the more fortunate to help those who are less able to advocate for themselves. Entering its fifth year of public service in 2012, Platinum Minds has since helped hundreds of at-risk youth in New Jersey, through six ongoing leadership development initiatives: It’s Frederick Douglass Reading Program; Arete Leadership programs; Connect to Your Dreams; Summer Camps; Tuition Assistance; and Mentoring.

The organization looks forward to continuing its service in the years ahead, always with the goal of improving the lives of at-risk youth, one child at a time.